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About the Conference

We are excited to welcome all attendees of Robotics 2025 to our highly regarded global event, “International Conference on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence” which will be held on March 10-11, 2025 in, Tokyo Japan. The conference's theme "Exploring Impacts, Opportunities, and Challenges for Global Communities" provides new ideas, convictions, strategies, and tactics in Robotics and Artificial intelligence. The Robotics conference’s major goal is to combine science and technology, focusing on Advanced Robotics, Advanced Artificial intelligence, and Innovative Technology.

Our Robotics conference will present brand-new ideas and principles that will have a direct impact on how business is conducted. This is a unique opportunity for delegates from all over the world to interact. Participants eager to learn more can validate their attendance by attending the Robotics conference alongside their peers.

We hope you will join us and spend some time appreciating the region's distinctive charm.

With members from around the world specializing in learning about computer science technologies. This can be your opportunity to succeed in the biggest assemblage of participants from the community. The foremost recent techniques, World-renowned speakers, tactics, and the newest updates within the computing field are hallmarks of this conference. It's gathering young and innovative minds, practitioners, and experts to motivate and supply a replacement thanks to motivating and achieving.

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Our Sessions / Topics


  •   Autonomous Robots
  •   Swarm Robotics
  •   Robot Ethics and Safety
  •   Robot Motion Planning and Control
  •   Robot Learning and Adaptation
  •   Human-Robot Interaction
  •   Soft Robotics
  •   Medical and Surgical Robotics
  •   Field Robotics
  •   Machine Learning Algorithms and Models
  •   Computer Vision and Image Processing
  •   Explainable AI and Interpretability
  •   AI for Robotics and Autonomous Systems
  •   Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  •   AI in Finance and Banking
  •   AI for Smart Cities and Urban Planning
  •   AI in Internet of Things (IoT) Systems
  •   AI Ethics and Responsible AI
  •   AI in Education and E-Learning
  •   AI for Cybersecurity and Privacy
  •   AI Engineering and Deployment
  •   Machine Learning for Drug Discovery
  •   Adversarial Machine Learning for Security Testing
  •   Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers for Data Privacy
  •   Multi-Task and Multi-Modal Learning
  •   Machine Learning for Cybersecurity
  •   Real-Time and Embedded Systems for AI
  •   Multimodal Learning for Multimedia Processing
  •   Graph Mining and Network Analysis
  •   Meta-Learning for Model Adaptation
  •   Autonomous Systems & Neural Networks
  •   Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  •   Reinforcement Learning
  •   Virtual Reality & Smart Manufacturing
  •   Future of Robotics and AI
  •   Future of Robotics and AI

Our Speakers

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